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The lauder store

The Lauder Store was built in the early 1900’s and served the local district until 1995 when it closed. The Old Store has been renovated into a modern fully self contained two bedroom apartment. The plaster in areas of the store has been removed to expose the original 1900's sun-dried mud brick walls. You're looking at them right now as they are featured in the background of this page! Mud brick, made from mud and water, was used for building in Central Otago in the early 1900's because of the lack of timber in the area. Mud brick retains warmth in winter and has a cooling effect in summer. These beautiful and historic walls have now been sealed for protection.

The small exterior room to the side of the store was the local butcher shop, where the concrete butcher's bench can still be found. The most recent owners of the operational Lauder Store were the late Mr & Mrs Bill Harley. The Harley family kindly donated the original Lauder Store docket that you'll find framed in Reception.


Your Hosts: Bruce & Esme macdonald

We purchased Lauder Store in 2023 from Pam and Bruce Walker who in turn had purchased it from the Harrex Family. The accommodation here at Lauder Store was beautifully remodelled by the Harrex Family in 2008 and we are very pleased to call this spot home now. We have lived in Lauder for the past 11 and a half years as owner/operators of the Lauder School B&B next door. We love Lauder and want to retire here. When the opportunity to purchase the Lauder Store came our way we grabbed it - it is a very special property with a lot of history and beautifully redeveloped.

We warmly welcome you to our accommodation at Lauder and we know your stay will be an enjoyable experience.

    Bruce & Esme

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